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About me

Originally hailing from South Africa, I blame my creative tendencies on both of my parents as well as my African upbringing. A graphic designer by trade, I stumbled into photography just shy of nine years ago, and found new creative expression that quickly became an obsession.

In my previous life I served as an art director at a publishing house just outside of Chicago designing book jackets for our clients. I also took care of the portraiture for the publisher’s most prolific authors that took me on assignment all over the country and into the living spaces of many interesting humans. It's fun to think that my images and designs have made it on to the covers of New York Times best selling books.

I recently ventured out on my own to explore what the world of photography has to offer and am available for commissions.

When I'm not shooting or in front of my computer, I love to travel and explore new places. I also love campfires, red wine and most anything the outdoors has to offer. I'm a total foodie especially when it comes to South African eats. Above all I am most content when spending time with my best friend and wife Meghan.

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